Found the Dutch counterpart of this highly pleasant bikers‘ oasis in the Taunus woods of Germany:

So-called BosHalte in Amsterdam.


„Bos“ means „woods“, and „halte“ is the „rest stop“ or the „station“ – and this outdoor place has such a special atmosphere, it sure does invite to stop for a bit of a rest and pause, not just when you are passing by on your bike. It actually feels like a very cozy and nice living room, despite the outdoors (and despite the fact that the blogger passed by in rather dreary and wet December weather).

"Coffee to Go" ?? - shouldn't that be "Coffee to Ride"?

„Coffee to Go“ ?? – shouldn’t that be „Coffee to Ride“?

Come by bike, and you will be able to quench your thirst and stuff your hypoglycemic body with all sorts of nice treats (prepared and served by the equally nice owner of this spot).

Come without one, and you will be able to rent one. Or two.

Even made of bamboo.

Or try out one of these stepper-bike-hybrids that are surprisingly fast and agile – but beware, you will be drained and exhausted faster than even an avid biker (or runner, for that matter) may think.

There is really a lot of stuff to do at the BosHalte, far beyond eat and drink. And you will be able to take some rest from your kids as well, as there are all sorts of fun stuff for them to do while you, maybe, simply hang or play a game of chess at the BosHalte: Biker kids are very welcome, of course – It’s the Netherlands, Stupid!

Dutch bike lovers (i.e.: every Dutch person) taking little people serious as well

Dutch bike lovers (i.e.: every Dutch person) take little people serious as well

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