About This Blog

At some point in 2007, friends of mine asked why I did not start a blog about the rides in Germany and Europe I am taking. Simple to say why I did not until then: Who would be interested? How exciting can it be to follow my rides and the thoughts and sights that come with them?

Well, my friends were of a different opinion and kept nagging – so I decided to simply stop the discussions by proving them wrong. So I started to write some little pieces of biking prose in 2007 or 2008. Can’t remember – and cannot track it any more as I blogged via the respective tool of bikejournal.com, a site I used (and am still using) to log my annual rides. And at some point in Fall of 2008, the site got attacked by some sort of bug and all the entries of all blogging members got lost.

At this point in time, however, the last laugh about the question who would be interested in my biking „adventures“ was already on my friends. Because to my surprise, people were actually following the entries, forwarding the link to my bikejournal.com blog to friends of theirs and commenting on the entries, directly on the web site, but also via direct emails.

Wow – I was flabbergasted.

I felt somewhat obliged to get this going. And to keep it attractive.

The birthplace of a lot of blog entries

And since in its original home, the blog is more a by-product of a completely different primary function, I figured it may be time in year 5 of the blog still going (and being followed) to give it a new home. And make it the primary dweller in this new residence.

Here it is – with a whole set of features like a grown-up blog, from RSS feed, so you can subscribe to receive new entries by push mail, to the opportunity of leaving comments and triggering discussions.

Read it, make use of the features, enjoy it and them, all you faithful followers, new and old! Enjoy the new  My big Thank You goes out to each one of you!

– bxa