One more piece of evidence that the most British or, more even, English of all continental cities is Hamburg, the beloved home town of your’s truly:

Finally, you can buy one of those slightly eccentric, but very stylish folding bikes by Brompton in a German shop dedicated to nothing but. Of course, it’s in Hamburg, in one of the coolest districts (which happened to house a certain blogger way back when).

And a slight tendency of combining a behavior characterized by spleens with distinguished style can be seen right in the URL logo of the Hamburg Brompton Store, a little folded bike

Takes an Englishman – or a person from Hamburg – to carry himself with the required aplomb of riding such a rather geeky, say, hot pink dwarf of a bike. But then again, the English and the Hamburgers know how tightly a subway can be packed …

pics taken from the URL linked to above – isn’t it just way cool how they shelve the bikes??

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