It starts to get really old; and annoying: Last year, at the end of March there was a four-digit number on everyone’s odometer. This year, at the end of March we are still walking (walking!) through the snow which keeps falling.

Not only is it way too cold for fun tours. No, it would probably not even be possible to get your bike to leave the relative warmth of the garage or storage shed. Let alone the heated living room and its cozy spot besides the fire that is still burning in the fireplace every single night.

No wonder some of us have started to use rather unconventional, creative methods to lure their bikes outside, despite:

This picture of a winter-jacketed bike is taken from (copyright by dpa/Holger Hollemann)

I am just not sure whether wool-covered spoke reflectors would pass the safety check…

N.B.: Check out how the benches have covered up as well – a very customer-friendly, service-oriented service of theirs!

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