Spring rides are always quite fun as the eye gets to be pleased not only by the budding greens and first trees in blossom; it’s, furthermore, always quite a sight to see how different people dress for those rides that start in the morning, with freezing temps, but will end in bright and warm sunshine.

20150419_Spring Ride

Spring rides always make for the most diverse display in clothing options

During yesterday’s „Ride into the Spring“ in the Rhein-Main area, everything was on display: From goose-bumpy folks in shorts and short-sleeved jerseys to riders wrapped into long fleece-lined pants, thermo jackets and long-fingered thermo gloves.

At least nature knows what kind of dress we are expecting from it these days and has wrapped itself generously up in it:

Prune tree in Spring blossom

Prune tree in Spring blossom

Spring Colors

Eye candy of Spring


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