Now that Spring has really returned to Europe, it seems, please, make sure you recall all the relevant traffic signs we bikers need to take particular notice of.
E.g. those which regulate the cyclist’s interaction with the pedestrian, say, at crosswalks.

If your biking territory is very high up North, though, ride particularly safely and make sure you don’t fall off your bike (due to uncontrollable bursts of laughter) when you ride through the little town of Örje in East Norway:

Silly Walk-inspired traffic sign in Örje, Norway

The Norwegian Ministry of Traffic and Transportation is not amused at what is really meant seriously by Örje’s mayor Kjersti Nythe Nilsen who is emphasizing her support of the silly walk traffic signs by … walking silly:

Mayor Kjersti Nythe Nilsen (at left in this picture) supports the artists of Kreativteket by not only putting their Silly Walk traffic signs up, but by even acting upon its message

She apparently has a truly British sense of humor, where the authorities are not only amused by such brilliant nonsense, but (at least in 1970 and according to the Monty Pythons) had a dedicated Ministry of Silly Walks:

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