Today, it was for the second time already that I road by this red or European squirrel – actually only a few centimeters past it. Because this Sciurus vulgaris was as flat as it was dead. Roadkill, to say it as bluntly as it presented itself to my eye with one dimension less to its body than it still had only two days ago.

It was actually with a pretty sinking feeling that I realized that, yes, it may be its cousins, Sciurus carolinensis and Sciurus griseus, that put quite some stress on our red squirrel and its diminishing populations. But it is also Homo sapiens, especially in the form of H. sapiens var. automobilensis, who is a real thread to the squirrel population.

At least it seems hard to imagine how, say, H. sapiens var. velocipedes should have been fast and surprising enough for S. vulgaris to brutally run it over flat.

Drive safely, save the squirrels – and, better still, ride your bike out there to be less of a threat to the animals that share this world with us.

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