It’s Summer and hot – and if you don’t own the right (read: a well ventilated) helmet, it actually can seem tempting to not wear a helmet at all. Although this, obviously, would be a rather brainless (sic) thing to do, as a water melon is cracked open easily.

A water melon?

Well, yes, since these rather … special Nutcase helmets (nomen EST omen) are being sold in Germany now as well, it’s hopefully nothing more valuable and delicate than your water melon helmet that you break in case of a spill.

Watermelon (Gloss)

Only that they look a little nuts, those helmets.

And there is a pretty high chance, you look like a nutcase when wearing one of them.

But this can be helped by trying them on in the nutcase fitting rooms. And since we are talking about a gadget for an outdoors sport, it makes a lot of sense that there is an outdoor fitting room (in Copenhagen… which says a lot since the folks there are very nice, but nuts-for-bikes people).

Unwrapping luck

To be quite frank, I am not one to try such personal and intimate wear as a water melon or a glowing brain or a cheetah (and a pink one, for that matter!) on in public. So, I had one shipped to my house to try it on in private.

Because, if I don’t look nuts (or: if I do, but don’t care), I wouldn’t mind a bit of luck. As it may protect me completely from trying the protective qualities of the helmet by keeping me from having any sort of bike accident 🙂

Stay tuned for pictures of how nuts I may look – and of the comments a nutcase wearing Lady Luck will trigger 🙂

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