For somebody like the author who’s bread and butter job is within the neuroscience industry, BBB stand for the blood-brain barrier, the physiological gate keeper that, e.g., prevents substances that are not meant for your brain (or downright bad for it) to enter your brain.

Hence the irony when looking back at the most recent rides in the Rheingau and Rheinhessen area, both highly popular for their superb-quality wines: Triple B may actually take on another form of de-coding.

The first B is obviously for bike or biking. No doubt about that. No matter whether for racing or rather for relaxed cruising,….

B is for Bikes 01

RV Opel 1888’s annual „Retropedal“ ride has been another chance for historic bikes to be shown off and ridden gracefully (see last year’s blog entry on the event for details)

… whether cutting-edge carbon technology-based or rather made of iron and steel parts,…

B is for Bikes 02

… a bike is a bike is a bike.

So, while we have settled the question about the first B, the second B is a little harder to get to. It may actually stand for birds, the universal symbol of freedom – which would be very befitting for some bike blog thoughts on the Triple B of cycling.

Or maybe it is for Birds

This blog being the sister blog of Altköniginnen, the real and only correct de-coding has to be: B is for babes.

B is for Babes 02

Check out the Altköniginnen peloton: fast-paced, disciplined, athletic and extremely good-looking!

Those Altköniginnen sure are an addition to the scene to always have in mind when it comes to declass co-riders, in every kind of terrain.

B is for Babes

It’s again an Altköniginnen-Babe who makes it to the top of a looong ascent, ahead of those males chasing her.

As for the last of the Triple B’s, though, I have a feeling that a pattern has started to form that makes for above-mentioned irony in light of the scientific meaning of „BBB“: It seems that lately riding events have accumulate which serve, at their end, not just booze, but a rather very fine regional sparkling wine. Bearing a very fine label – which is, of course, the primary reason for making it hard to resist the temptation of this offering.

B is for Booze 01a

B is for Booze 02

But maybe bike riding is still healthier for your body and brain as this latter thought implies. Because maybe this last B simply stands for good old boring bananas:

Or maybe B is for bananas

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