Moving Wood

If may be too cold to take your bike to the woods these days. So why don’t you bring the woods to your home – as a new bike:

Daniel Häckermann's prize winning wooden cargo bike (picture taken from

Daniel Häckermann’s prize winning wooden cargo bike (picture taken from

Today, a new exhibition has opened in Hamburg’s „Museum der Arbeit“ (Museum of Work and Labor). All sorts of extremely cool and ecologically smart (and sustainable) pieces are on display, each falling nicely under the show’s title „Holz bewegt“ („wood moves“).

The bike enthusiast’s favorite is of course Daniel Häckmann’s contribution: The artist-craftsman designed and built the wooden cargo bike above, interpreting the exhibition’s theme all to our liking. The blog author, at least, cannot think of any better way of being moved – in the physical as well as the emotional sense of the meaning – than by a bike.

Two thumbs up for Daniel!

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