Playing tricks on the eye: Big loads of cargo - in Copenhagen, this means transportation by bike, not by motorized vehicle

Copenhagen has often been dubbed the „Bicycle Capitol of Europe“. And even by strolling through the pretty touristy parts of the City, the reasons for this title of honor can be viewed and admired at every corner,…

… in every little alley and on narrow sidewalks,…

, with the bikes really showing that they are more than a life-style accessory, but really a means of everyday use and utility:

In Copenhagen, your choice of bike is not one of a life style accessory, but one of utility.

People are actually living the bike-mobile life…,

No, this is not the nice display of a bike shop, but the look and feel of a real-life shopping area in Copenhagen

… including the rights of way (or stay) that come with it. Or that people just simply demand them, in a very factual way.

Should I stay or should I go (out of the way of traffic) - in Copenhagen, bikers don't really care that much about any official right of way; or lack thereof...

While, therefore, some laws and rights are simply ignored by the avid everyday utility and cargo cyclist, the commuter, the shopper and the cruiser…

No immediate reason to obey this prompt to remove your bike

… there are some laws that are diligently accepted and lived by. Big surprise, all of us bikers appreciate if there are no obstacles in the way in case of emergency:

Striking that the sign at the fence to this public restroom is actually respected by every bicycle owner 🙂

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