These days, starting your Taunus ride earlier than mid-morning may call for wearing night-vision goggles, as Fall is definitely here:

Fogs of Fall

This brings along the same question as last year; and the year before; and the year before that one: What to wear, how many layers to start off with and when to strip what. But at least, there are still some warm and dry days for good rides.

Maybe the last road bike ride of this season … enjoying it while it lasts

And what better to do anyways?
Here in apple cider area of Hessen, the harvest is in already.

A stylish way of enjoying your Äpplewoi, the local apple cider variant

Even for the cows there is nothing more to do but lay down and rest from the stress of summer, from eating all those chewy herbs, to produce the yummiest kind of milk.

Nothing else to do but mooh

So, soon the road bike will really be switched for the crosser and the MTB – and with that, shorter rides will be the rule. Leaving more time for other pass-times, e.g. just following the invitations of coming to rest in fall atmosphere as well.

When the season comes to its end, find calm and inviting spots like this one to sit down and rest for a while

Or falling into the category of alternative biking activities … sort of:

When is the last time you flew a kite??

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