The weather is cold and wet and not at all inviting for a somebody who shies away from cold hands and feet and a bike (and lower back) sprinkled with cold wet flecks of dirt spoiling the looks of bike and rider alike. Since I do have some spare time these days – planned to spend biking – I have changed plans and am digging for ride inspiring stuff in books and the virtual world (and staying warm and dry while doing so).

This does not explain why it took me till today to come across Dave Walker’s cycling cartoons. Well, at least I finally did. And since Dave is explicitly okay with bloggers posting a single cartoon on their web site (as long as they link to his), I do (and am herewith linking – follow link and scroll to cartoon posted on 26 Oct, 2012):

Bicycles - why you might need more than one

Because this is what my bike shack looks like these days; i.e. high time to pull out at least the pub bike (see above) to weather the grim weather.

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