Another wonderful ride in the mountain ranges of Odenwald – and really good organization. Including culinary high lights such as yogurt and – rarely found on such tours – not-so-sweet lemon tea.

Tea so good it would actually make a lot of sense (especially on a hot day like today) to store a little extra in the bidons; which I have to point out as really classical and stylish for riders here in the German state of Hesse:

You are riding in Hesse, if you see a bike (or two) with Bembel-inspired bidons

You are riding in Hesse, if you see a bike (or two) with Bembel-inspired bidons

 However, looking closer you will realize that the stylish containers are not necessarily useful as bidons any longer. They have been re-constructed to serve as extra storage space, e.g. for extra clothing: Catering to nature’s law of bad weather, cold and rain only hitting you on your bike when you are not carrying any protective clothes, it has proven to be a successful way of tricking this law to carry a light jacket even on the sunniest of days – and you will be protected from any sudden thunder storms or such.

Extra space for extra clothes - in locally inspired containers

However, if you only have one bidon on a hot day, you usually drink a lot whenever offered something at the check points. And „a lot“ may result in … a lot of pressure during the ride. This is why a reminder like this one

…may actually be a good idea: By holding your water (or tea, for that matter), you help protect what is really wonderful nature and landscapes around here:

Too little natural screening from view anyways ... better wait for the next restroom

Odenwald in July - really pretty views all the way up to the city of Darmstadt even

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