Hard Decision

Only one more month until VELO Berlin will open their gates again. And actually, the gates have been opened just enough to sneak a preview of the 20 runners up for the VELOBerlin Film Award 2013.

It’s a rather … well … ecclectic selection, mixing features with short fiction with animated stuff with an hommage to Kraftwerk and the TDF and, yes, also pretty plain (as in: „dumb“) clips potentially originating from some not too healthy brain (check for yourself, I won’t let you in on whom I refer to by this last characterization – don’t want to run the risk of anyone in particular feeling attacked and offended by my personal judgement…).

Hard to take my own pick – then again, nobody has to decide for the best bicycle film. Instead, there is a decently granular voting system. And I surely have decided which movie will be one I vote highest for – out of sheer respect for the innovative mind behind the eponymous „Solution“:

Rest assured that, from today on, I will carry a bit of really thin but durable thread with me when on my bike.

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