Every year by mid- or end-February there is this growing urge for Spring to come – I want decent temps (read: well-above 0°C) and dry weather. Not – like today, again! – wonderful sunshine inviting me for a bike ride but not strong enough to produce anything above -8°C. No way I’m gonna go out and ride a bike – but:

I want to ride my bicycle!

Just like all the others who seem to feel that urge:

I told you before: They are completely bicycle-crazy, those Benelux people; muy simpatico!

My guess, though: The guy in minute 2:17 of the YouTube video is not from a Benelux country – and I am not necessarily judging by his, ahem, interesting head wear. I’ll try to remember his face when happily back on my bike again later this year and will try to ride in a style a bit less threatening to such guys, a bit more acceptable to those sceptical pedestrians who believe in the infamous word of the „combat biker“ (Kampfradler), coined by our likewise infamous Minister of Transport…

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