No, this is not a shot taken in Mallorca during almond tree blossom time

On a day like today, you really ask yourself why – for God’s sake – one would spend any money to get on board of a crammed red-eye flight to Malle, shuttle to a lousy 70s hotel that hasn’t seen any renovation in ages and eat the same heavily no-taste pasta loaded buffet dinner every night – just to get a few hours of biking into the skimmed-milk white spring legs?

On a day like today, just jump on your bike and ride as fast as you can to fan a bit of wind around your sizzling body, as it is as hot as in Spain (and sure enough my skin is showing a hint of tint … red tint, to be exact):

The roads are even more deserted as those in Malle (definitely at this time of the year):

Hawthorn in blossom is as much a sight for sore eyes as almond trees in blossom are:

If you are one for rural culture and Kodak moments, you wouldn’t have been disappointed today in the Taunus area either:

And note, please, how optimistic the folks around here must be as they have hung the sleds up on the wall for the time being…

Only the goats are somewhat different than those in Malle:

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