Unfortunately, I will not be able to you, directly from the show, the latest bike/-ing trends that will be presented on the upcoming VELOBerlin 2013: Conflicts of time are keeping me from staying in Berlin until next weekend when the exhibition is going to open. But I won’t be kept from going to Berlin, at least for the VELOBerlin 2013 press conference on Wednesday.

So, stay tuned, I may be able to post some appetizers prior to the show’s curtains opening to the public.

And if you are too impatient and can’t wait, check back whether you have tuned into all of the shorts that are listed for the VELOBerlin Film Award. Or, another pass time until VELOBerlin opens: Check your bike fleet for the ownership levels each of the bikes is currently on, according to Marion Pfaus‘ system – as hilarious as it is sophisticated:

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