Filigree Dreams

Today’s snow has settled down as light little patches of delicate ornamentation on branches and twigs and is changing the world to a sophisticated filigree patterned view.

Light cover of snow turning the world into a miracle of filigree patterns weaving intricate designs

Light cover of snow turning the world into a miracle of filigree patterns weaving intricate designs

Obviously way too cold outside for the author to get on a bike and ride outside.
But what is also obvious is the similarity between the patterns weather and nature of come up with today and those intricately edged designs that Merlin has edged into their most famous (and beautiful) frame, the Cyrene:

Fully engraved titanium frame: Merlin's Cyrene road bike

Fully engraved titanium frame: Merlin’s Cyrene road bike (picture courtesy of Pedal!Damn it!

Merlin named this one-of-a-kind titanium frame beauty „Cyrene“ after the Greek nymph Κυρήνη whose name translates to „mistress“ or „arbitress“. And a strong one she really was. Not one of those girls who cared much for doing house-keeping chores, along the lines of ancient patriarch Greek societal expectations towards a young woman. Instead, she went out to herd the cattle and sheep of her father’s, protecting them from wild carnivors with her sword and spear. And if necessary, even by using her bare hands: As legend has it, she wrestled down a horrible lion in protection of her herds.

No wonder, the god Apollo fell for Cyrene – she must have been a very impressive woman to the God of Marksmen. Apollo, however, was also mytholocially in charge of Fine Arts — and Merlin did impressively well and beautifully in reflecting the marriage of Cyrene and Apollo in this sturdy, while fine and most artistically crafted and edged frame.

Since Apollo was, however, also the patron god of Spring, it seems to be in order to postpone actual riding (of the author’s own, albeit less intricately styled titanium frame bike) for a few more weeks.

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