While the big ones and the pros were racing „Rund um den Finanzplatz“ (the race that all the oldsters like myself still keep calling „The Henninger“), I was having a good time with my also-non-racing-ambitious buddies at one of the local biking events. They offered various tours of different length and difficulty, including a family tour with (close to nil) meters of climbing and of only a short distance.

It's great to see even the smallest ones out there on their bikes - and with the biggest ambitions of them all :-)However, if you took a bit of a closer look of some families‘ fleet, you wonder what Daddy thinks in terms of „Equality of arm“:

Daddy goes on the 20K ride with a fully ... but as long as Junior rides his own Specialized, why give the ridiculous side of things a second thought?

Yes, Daddy obviously doesn’t see how ridiculous it is to get the Specialized Enduro 2.5K € fully out for the flat 20K with Junior and the Wife on her trekking bike. Because: Hey, what do you brag about? Junior got his miniature Specialized as well, alright – better get the kid used to spending a lot of money. The love for the ride will come even more naturally then. When in doubt, look up to Dad 🙂

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