Diamonds are a girl’s best friends – we’ve known this not only since 1949, the year in which the Grand Marilyn sang this all-times classic in „Gentlemen prefer Blondes“. No, at least among German cyclists, this should have has been known for almost 130 years now: since the first German bicycle manufacturing site started its operations: Diamant – now a TREK trademark…

If you buy a modern Diamond, eh, Diamant, though, it will still be handmade. And Made in Germany.

Handmade in Chemnitz, Germany

And you can have it in the really beautiful Diamant-typical light blue. Forget about Bianchi „celeste“, if you can have one of these beauties:

Mr & Mrs. Diamant

And, yes, these bikes are also nicely equipped, with a lot of love for the little details, such as the typical ornament on the front mud guard…

The Diamant Head - Protecting and "crowning" Diamant bikes for more than 100 years already, since the trademark logo was granted in 1911

… and the likewise typical bell; sparkling like a true diamond, isn’t it?

Diamant bikes ring a very special bell...

With its long history, sort of „in three German countries“ and under the constantly changing „political weather“, it is even more remarkable (and good to see) that Diamant is still there – fast and modern enough to stand the competitive pace of time, slow enough to put so much time and love into diligence, detail and style.

It's not a Brooks, Stupid!

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