The Hamburg Cyclassics 2013 pre-hype has not even started (i.e. the cycle exhibition booths are still being put up), when I had my first personal hype already: Strolling over Jungfernstieg, taking in all those labels, logos and names that have been at the exhibit each and every year for the last decade now – and, boom, there it is:

A brand new sight.
A beauty.
A bike that is so different you don’t believe it is real.
You don’t believe it is real wood, that is.
Or rather: real cane.

Bamboo cane, to be precise.

Indeed, Jonas, one of the two General Managers of myBoo whom I had the pleasure to chat with, confirmed that the beautiful look of the frame was not generated by some sort of high-tech paint brush technique or such. No, it was simple, natural bamboo cane, protected for endurance with clear lacquer (so, there is high-tech involved, after all).

You can even get your MyBoo as "Kente designed" frame, i.e. decorated with pieces of fabric made in Ghana (and not somewhere in China). Cool and individual touch to it!

The frames are built in Ghana, by the local people there, the technical knowhow (and finishing of the frames as well as mounting of all the non-bamboo parts needed) comes from Germany, resulting in a truly African product with truly Germany safety and precision standards.

How cool is that?

Especially since you are not only doing yourself some good by buying one of these cane frames. You are also ensuring that one student in Ghana gets a full educational stipend for a year, through MyBoo’s local partner in Ghana, Yonso Project. And if that’s still not enough to give you sufficient peace of mind over the (less than 2,000) Euros you will be asked to shell out, remember that German

Stiftung Mensch is another partner. Honestly, why not support the ex-Aktion Sorgenkind folks by buying one of those bikes (and actually getting your money’s worth for it) than by taking part in their lottery — and potentially never getting anything in return?

Tradition meets ethnics meets hot urban pink: The bike configurator leaves a lot of options to design what you like best.

It’s a wonderful project I loved at first sight. And now I am hooked am seriously toying with the idea to swap my old (although: true) Merida travel bike for a bamboo one (as there is no room for any numerical expansion of the fleet any more). What could be more endurable, while flexible than such a frame „built by nature“ for maximum stiffness with formidable lightness?

Okay, the bikes are anything but light. Fully built up, they put a good 13.5kg up on the scale. But, hey, as somebody who rides around with paniers packed to the max of 15 or even 20kg, what do I care about a bit of a heavier bike?

And if this really becomes a problem for anyone, lose body weight (or pack less into your panniers … which may be the harder to reach goal, admittedly).

Or be patient and wait for the single speed version that Jonas has announced.

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