During the last two or three years, I have completely lost interest in the pros racing around on whatever is the newest hype about the lastest pharmaceutical enhancement. Also the Olympic race which is currently still under way in London cannot get me all that interested (especially since you keep wondering why some disciplines, e.g. bike racing, allows pros to start … that is another aspect that really does not go well with the Olympic idea and spirit, adding to a lot of others, actually).

Don’t think I will watch the finish of that race – but rather do understand the Queen who wasn’t all too amused yesterday, during the opening ceremony, already:

PostRace Addition to this blog post:
If they really hand gold to Vinokourov for crossing the finish line ahead of the rest, it is a real shame. So much for what used to be called Olympic spirit: shattered to pieces. Instead, nobody seems to have a problem with the gold medal going to a pro who had been convicted of and suspended for having failed the doping control.

What a shame!

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