Although the days still look sunny and summerly, Fall has really started to creep in.

Although few leaves have changed their color already, the dominating color of nature is yellow already, with all the fields laying post-harvest bare:

If you start your ride too late or too early, it feels like having blurred vision – fortunately only temporarily blurred as the fog waves in and out of the valleys, over the Taunus hills:

Careful with other means of blurred vision, though: It’s Äbbelwoi time again, the time when the young apple cider is being served around here:

Stylish outdoor seats of a local Äbbelwoi (apple wine, cider) location in the Taunus area

That stuff (or „Stöffche“ as they say here) is really dangerous. Tastes like juice and races up to your brains faster than you can say „Äbbelwoi“. And if you get

on your bike after (which is not recommended here!), it may well be that you don’t know whether you should trust your eyes when you come through the little village of Steinfischbach and lay your eyes on this, ehem, pittoresque home:

Although the village's name of "Steinfischbach" translates to "stone fish creek", the entrance ornaments impress as somewhat eccentric

Somehow I like to stay sober and enjoy the traditional houses around:

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