Have commenced reading this book „Biker’s Barbecue“ by the Micke brothers, Stefan and Tobias, two Austrians who decided to ride across the USA, from Boston to San Francisco, on as a low a budget as possible.

Read the Micke Bros' version of Race Across America

I have to admit that this is really inspiring – especially with a (rather smallish, non-exotic) bike packing tour ahead of myself as well, not too far in the temporal distance. Can’t wait to start it is what I realized when I was reading the Micke report this morning. So one third into the book, I moved from theory to action by hopping onto my bike packer Merida – what better way to check, if this bike still runs okay after way too long a time without any bike packing activity of mine than by combining the technical check with a little riding fun?

Wasn't the only one who thought it was a good day for riding over to the fest by bike

If you think this building is old, then think again: This plate reminds of the building that preceded it, the Roman ramparts of Limes, built in the 1st to 4th century

So, I rode over to the so-called the „Backesfest“, i.e. the Baking Fest or fair – and that’s already the whole concept: The villagers serve a huge variety of home-baked cake and a special kind of bread is served at the „Backes“, the 200-year old communal bakery – i.e. the place the women of the village brought their home-made dough to and had it baked into loafs of bread.

The Backes, the old community bakery in Dasbach, Germany

After 200 years, a building is allowed to let go of a shingle here and there

With modern kitchen and cooking appliances, it looks like young women have more leisure time at their hands these days. Glad to see that they are spending this extra time on (or at least: posing with) bikes – in an extra cool way:

Barefoot biker at Backes fest

Loaf of special Backes bread -won't eat anything else for a week or two ...

When I had baged my loaf of Backes bread into the pannier I brought in wise anticipation, I rode back home through the hilly corn fields and woods of Taunus – also very enjoyable sights nature is kindly offering, especially at this time of the year.

Yes, indeed, this short trecking bike run through my Taunus backyard underscored it: I can’t wait to pack not just one pannier, but load the bike rack with everything a bike packer needs for a week of riding … not through the Wild Wild West as the Micke brothers did, but through the maybe equally wild East of Germany I have yet to explore better and more thoroughly.

The trekking bikes seem to get eager and impatient to ride out to the Wild Wild East (of Northern Germany) ...

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