The snow has melted, the rain that caused the super-fast melt seems to pause for a day (or at least some hours) – no excuse any longer to stay off the bike.

No, really not: Only some exceptionally cool crystal-clear art sculptures are left here and there where the weight of snow has pressed them into the most interesting shapes:

However, I guess I should have trained my eye not only to the beautiful works of art nature had layed out for me today …

… I should have looked up at the flag in my neighbors‘ garden: It must have thrashed like crazy. Because a virtual storm was raving. As soon as I was out of the woods that guided the first mile or so of my ride today, I had to pedal hard to simply keep on my bike: The headwinds were blowing so hard at me that I had to shift down to the lowest gear to keep going at all. On almost flat terrain!

Even the bigger birds, the blackbirds and crows and – I swear! – a small bird of prey (buzzard?) passed my trail as pedestrians today.

All the time during that ride I tried to keep my mind off the physical stamina it took to keep moving by the distracting mind game of designing a biathlon discipline of the different kind: How to bring two of my sports, biking and windsurfing, together? That would be handy and fun on a day like today! „Scooterdude“ Richard Coit has built his infamous prototype already:

Scooter Dude from Casey Atkins on Vimeo.

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