The bike polo show that was announced to take place during last weekend’s VELOBerlin 2013 apparently had to be cancelled. What a shame – I bet it would have been quite a spectators‘ magnet. Those guys (and gals) doing the bike polo „Ballet of Mallets“ are rather amazing – I, at least, stand in awe when I have a chance to watch them do their slow mo stunts of absolute bike control. Masters of the Machine – at any speed, from whirlwind fast to freeze pose, and anything in between.

At least as amazing is the passion of the folks that pour their heart and soul into creating the ballet beasts of steel. If you have just taken a glimpse at the workshops where they are born, you have a lot of respect not only for the bike poloists, but also for their bikes.

Too bad last week’s VELOBerlin let forego the chance of emitting this kind of spark – it may well have kindled the fire of truly burning for The Bike (capital letters, sic) in one or the other of the visitors.

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