From the German perspective, yesterday’s Olympic velodrome was a place of joy and happiness.

But have you heard of the Klappodrome before, the place of the annual World-Klapp? It’s the place and time for the original folding bikes (or „Klappräder“ as the Germans call them) of the 70’s having the chance to rise and shine again, at least for a day

Example of a bike that does not comply with the World-Klapp rules, according to Top tubes are too dangerous when riding in bell bottoms!

Although the technical standards of 40 years ago have to remain unaltered (no Bromptons allowed!), an upgrade to today’s looks of cool is allowed, of course:

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In terms of the rules that apply to the rider, though, there is a bit more lee-way: Although no rider without a mustache is allowed at the start line, it is okay to line up there with a fake or even stenciled one. Still, the real ones are the best, of course – especially when they are in complete harmony with the rest of the outfit as exemplified by many of the World-Klapp contestants

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Other may be a bit less stylish – but that’s their trade-off for being extremely serious about coming in with a great result, I am sure:

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The really serious ones, though, go for even more than the Klapp race – they go for the Klapp-Decathlon including snatching, lifting, gymnastics and some track and field disciplines. Ah, yes, and Klapp biking, too:

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