Some things in life are just so darn good that the author simply cannot get enough of them. Especially when they are getting better with age (I leave it up to the reader, if that merely refers to the author’s increasing age).

Even originally bad things get better with aging. And in adding some tongue-in-cheek-elements to them. Seriously, who did not hate these old 70’s folding bikes when (s)he had no other choice as a kid than riding one of these things??

And who did ever think the typical 60s and 70s moustache was anything else but ridiculously gross and boorish?

Well, there is one way of resurrecting both of these relics from their infamous past: By combining them and showing them proudly in the upcoming hot racing event World-Klapp in Berlin.

It is mandatory, though, that you grow sufficient facial hair to be compliant to the rather strict (and strictly controlled) rules and regulations for klappoteers.

At least the rider is ready to klapp (successful retrieval of an original 1970’s „Klapprad“ pending)

As you can see above, the author has already made good use of the time and will only need to trim and groom her facial grandeur. For everyone else, there are still two weeks left to do what can be done regarding la conformité de règlement.

And if that may seem too little time, watch this video homage to the moustache – it makes everyone’s hair stand on end, so a bit of beard may actually look like it’s sufficient in quantity for racing rules compliance:

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