Have been travelling quite a bit again during the last few weeks. Too many business trips, too little leisure time, too much travel by other means of transportation than by bike.

But even under these non-leisure, non-biking circumstances, of course, my eyes have been trained to bikes and bikers, especially non-conventional ones. And amused envy rises when I see that others actually have the time (or simply take it!) to travel by bike – although not every bike may be recognized as one at first glance.

The ones that raise my curiosity the most are actually those sorts of individualized vehicle I lack the words to adequately describe them by. Simply because they only exist as an individual. Something the world has not seen before and should, therefore, take much more attention to.

Because isn’t it the individualized things and the people that actually can rightfully be called „individuals“ that make for the essence of interesting life?

Handmade for sure: electrified travel tandem, seen in Munich, Germany (June 2012)

One of these vehicles I have spotted in Munich the other day. Some sort of electrified travel tandem with all sorts of hand-made electric equipment that. but it’s lack of industry-style solutions to questions that mainstream doesn’t even ask, said so much about passion and the will to just do it, to not care about what others think, to creative thinking and the relaxed way of trying to make the best of every day and thought we are blessed to have. Better enjoy it today than worry about what it will mean with respect to tomorrow.

Would have loved to have a chance to match the vehicle and what it says about its maker/owner with the actually person/s. A real shame I did not get to meet him/them.

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