It’s the Holiday Season.                               It’s the Season of Giving.

And that may also mean:                            It’s the Season of Not Taking Any More of It.

E.g. it’s really high time to start an attempt to really come to a fundamental change within the world of professional cycling. And – sad, but true – the world of non-professional cycling at a certain level as well.

Yes, sure – old subject. How many attempts aiming at such a change have we seen previously? A gazillion, true…

How many of them have had an effect, at least made a dent, left a tiny mark? Way to few, if any…

Is this any reason to give up, shrug our shoulders and simply ignore what’s going on? What’s ruining our young aspiring riders‘ health and lives? What’s seriously damaging the reputation of our community of bike lovers and enthusiastic riders?

Exactly, it is not. This is why I herewith do what I usually don’t in this blog: I am trying to rally for somebody else’s cause. Because it is my cause as well. And it is our’s!

What I wish – a little pre-maturely – for Christmas is that you support the ones who still believe that a change is possible by signing their petition


Thank you!

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