Do you know the word for „season’s end“ in Czech?

It’s „Prague Mile“.

And has been „Prague Mile“ for 20 years now – although it looks like this celebration of the last (official) ride of the season should have a much longer tradition already:

Since 1993, the Czech Velocipedist Club 1880 organizes this year-end event with 350 collectors of historic bicycles coming out even to the initial meeting and 1-mile race.

Prague Mile 2013

This year’s event was a bit „under the weather“, but nevertheless impressed with a stunning number of well-aged steel beauties…

Prague Mile 2013

… and stylish contestants as well as spectators:

Prague Mile 2013

Some vintage bike rider showed up with the results of a bit of fall weather tuning.Prague Mile 2013

However, since pennyfarthings in general don’t make for very good off-road riding though, it may be time to call this season quits, after all.

Prague Mile 2013

Pictures borrowed from (in Czech) and, a site highly informative and entertaining for anyone who appreciates the looks and soul of vintage and historic bikes.

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