I have been wondering all day whether it is pure coincidence that after seven years of feet-dragging, Dr. Eufemiano „Doping“ Fuentes has finally been ordered to court today. As today, of all days, is European Data Protection Day.

Well, maybe a completely different approach has to be taken in this never ending (and pretty boring, by now) story of pseudo-attempts to put an end to doping practice.

When I saw this vehicle, it impressed as rather ridiculous:

Apparently long forgotten and unused - but useless?

Seems to be the great-grandfather of all pedelecs* – of sorts… (or a very special single speed?)

And on second thought, this inspired the rather odd and random thought of using more brain power to find a way of how to compete with less pharmaceutical power: Put all of those big boys who like to play with performance-enhancing substances on such a motor-supported (and probably – paradoxically – performance-lowering) vehicle. Nobody will know any longer which part is physiological power, which motor performance – and even if there is one or the other substance in the equation, it is all so mixed up already.

And the riders will look so silly that nobody will take the whole thing serious enough any longer anyways…

No serious interest, no sponsoring – no doping. Problem solved.

I wish the l end to the never ending story were really that simple…

* pedal electric cycle

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