Although I usually stand – almost – clear of the infamous professional cyclists‘ scene, I will make an exception here by alerting you to the Unexpected, starring one of the most Exceptionals:

Lance Armstrong, the man who has fueled so many athletic dreams, so many allegations and accusations, has triggered so many heated discussions about his person and ethics – as an athlete as well as a character and a charity sponsor -, has been the reason of so many feelings running high …

… this Lance Armstrong has broken his silence in an interview with the Mother Confessor of the US nation, Oprah Winfrey. She already twittered yesterday:

Just wrapped with @lancearmstrongMore than 2 1/2 hours . He came READY!

— Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) Januar 14, 2013

We are all invited to see and hear what Armstrong will really confess – and how he will do it. And if we can finally start to believe in him again, at least concerning honorable-ness and fairminded-ness … or will it be another tactical maneuver to save as much as possible of his still firm little behind (and personal finances, reputation and Livestrong’s once-high esteem)?

What do you expect?

What a sad story … hopefully one that will finally come closer to its end by what will be streamed online this coming Thu at 9/8c.

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