Mission Accomplished

The mission of trying to get a handful of used bikes together to be transported to Burkina Fasohas been accomplished. And apparently the pre-Christmas season was a good time for such an initiative: Within 48 hours there were almost 30 bikes that people wanted to give to Lernen dürfen e.V.’s remotely located Burkina Faso falaises schools.

Good we had a twin garage we could use for overnight storage of the donated bikes

Good we had a twin garage we could use for overnight storage of the donated bikes

Many people brought the bikes themselves to the collection site, but we were also happy to drive way more than 100K in total to collect those bikes that their owners could not bring themselves.

Collection service included: If you make it easy and comfy for folks to give, they can be really generous

Happy to see that so many falaise kids will soon have a bike for getting to school instead of walking hours on end each day.
And at least one kid will be able to place her or his skinny behind on one of the best bikes seats out there – hopefully it has not been broken in by a completey different anatomy …

Broad seat for a probably rather skinny behind

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    • bxa

      Thanks for this feedback, Jörg – and, even more so, for your heads-up on providing support next time. Will let you (all) know for sure.

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