Sana Per Aquam

The Romans knew it already and phrased it as „sana per aquam“ (which most of us only know as „Spa“ nowadays…): Waters of all kinds can have a healing effect on your body and soul.

The latter is obviously something that biking can effect as well. But in the rather cold and wet weather that we have „enjoyed“ all season long in Germany so far??

Sure! In really muddy terrain, you will enjoy a wonderful and natural therapy for your back aches after a hard ride: Just hold your plastered back into the warming sun like these guys who dared to get onto the pre-marathon MTB course in Bimbach/Rhön today.

All natural, even the treatment for your sore back after a cold and muddy ride

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    • bxa

      Thanks for pointing out that there are not only many people (incl. myself and „professional spa associations“ such as the the Association Québécoise des Spas, to name one of many, who subscribe to „spa“ being an acronym; but indeed, there are others – among them the Wikipedia entry author you mentioned in your comment – who underscore the belief of „spa“ rather being a backronym.

      One way or another, it remains a historically proven fact that in ancient Roman times people believed in the healing power of water/-s.

      And speaking of facts: Due to the biological fact of my gender the grammatical form „sana“ is indeed the correct one. Whatever made you think that this blog is written by a male author; it is you who errs in this respect (I, for one, prefer to stay away from strong phrases that claim the absolute such as „wrong“, „right“ or even „double (sic) wrong“).

      Thanks for following these entries, and apparently doing so with a keen eye.

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